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Cyan working on online version of Creative Kingdoms' "MagiQuest"

In the September 2009 issue of Wired Magazine, reporter David Kushner has let slip the news that Cyan Worlds - referred to in the article merely as "the creators of Myst" - are apparently working on a new online game project involving the live action roleplaying game MagiQuest.

MagiQuest is the product of Creative Kingdoms, who describe their mission as "to intertwine fantasy and reality with the most alluring elements of magic, imagination, hands on experiences, fun, storytelling and gaming into one seamless experience."  The MagiQuest game introduces children and their families into a fantasy world where they are assisted by live roleplayers in the completion of various quests, and as the participants play they gain new powers and abilities, permitting them to take on more challenging and rewarding adventures.  There are currently seventeen MagiQuest locations worldwide.

Of particular interest to fans of Myst and Cyan Worlds is this short statement in the Wired article:

In August, Creative Kingdoms planned to launch a multiplayer online extension of the game, designed with the creators of Myst. The online version lets players accrue rewards and "powers" that carry over to the physical locations.

The full Wired article can be found here:


D'ni Language Lessons in Second Life (updated)

,shorah b'shemtee

Greetings fellow explorers!  My name is Rehn, and I will be teaching the D'ni language in Second Life (D'ni 101) starting on August 20th, 2009.  Students will learn how to read D'ni, count in D'ni and chat conversationally.  The class runs for six weeks.  The class times are as follows:

(please note the additional day, and the change of location for the Thursday Morning class)

8:00AM SL time (PDT) in the Eder D'Uru sim on the top floor of the new building off the Tokotah plaza ( ), 8:30PM SL time (PDT) in the Eder Gira sim on the Tokotah terrace ( ), and (starting Tuesday, August 25th) Tuesdays at 8:30PM SL time (PDT) in the Eder Gira sim on the Tokotah terrace ( ).

Also, for those that have taken my D'ni 101 class, the D'ni 201 class will start on August 27th.  The students will learn how to write in D'ni and hone their conversation skills.  The class runs for 10 weeks.  The class times are:

9:00AM SL time in Eder D'Uru and 9:30PM SL time in Eder Gira.

If these times do not work for you, please IM me in SL, or leave a PM on the MOUL forums (I'm Mystryman on the forums), so we can set up additional class times.

.shorah gah bigtotee (Peace and blessings.)

Rehnehmtahn Later (Rehn)/r'Tayrtahn (r'T)/Mystryman

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Photo Manipulation at It's Best

Got GIMP? Can't get Photoshop or CorelDraw cheap?

Take heart all you image makers, Writers and picture takers. There's a deal too good to pass by. Corel is letting PaintShop Pro 10 go at a bargain price.

How about FREE !

What's up with the Narayani Collective...

If anyone's been looking for the Narayani Collective lately, you won't have found our site.

We haven't been canceled due to lack of interest, nor was our absence deliberate. We're finally back online now, although for the moment, we're in a different spot.

The Narayani Collective has been experiencing hosting issues with our forum, and we think the best course of action is to revert to our old temp board until we can get things restored. (Not sure how long that will take.)

If you still have an interest in the forum and all things Narayani, please join us at until we can get things straightened out with the Mystmakers domain.


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